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Private Classes


AFK provides private classes with extra practice in oral and written skills, listening and reading comprehension, and contemporary French culture. Students are placed in a class to suit their level, whether they are beginner, elementary, or advanced.

Our vibrant French-speaking teachers encourage all students to develop communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment with access to a wealth of resources.

Classes are adapted to your needs: you get to choose your own objectives and can have a personalized syllabus for a trip, for work or TCF exam preparations, or any other purpose. They are also adapted to your rhythm: you can set your own schedule and location.
At the same time, you’re benefiting from the membership from AFK, offering you: Culturethèque and Library access, reduced rate for cultural events…

Administration fee
Registration Fees 30,000 UGX
Placement test fee 30,000 UGX
Book fees
Books Adult classes A1: 150,000UGX
Books Adult classes A2: 160,000 UGX
Books Adult classes B1: 170,000 UGX
Books Adult classes B2: 180,000 UGX
Books Adult classes C1: 190,000 UGX
Tuition Fees Internal
Solo Internal 55,000 UGX 1 participant/hour
Duo internal 45,000 UGX per participant/hour
Trio internal 35,000 UGX per participant/hour
Quatuor internal 25,000 UGX per participant/hour
Tuition Fees External
Solo External 65,000 UGX 1 participant/hour
Duo External 55,000 UGX per participant/hour
Trio External 45,000 UGX per participant/hour
Quatuor External 35,000 UGX per participant/hour

Get a -5% discount on your class if you renew your contract more than twice a year!

We also have classes in Luganda, Kiswahili, Spanish, and English!


Get registered for the class! Download the form, fill it in, forward it to, and to get the proof of your payment and you will be told about the next class happening for you.



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