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How far will you go with French ?

With 220M speakers all over the world, French is one of the most widely spoken languages. We asked Suzan, Irene, Patrick and David to tell us how far they went… and they shared some very inspiring stories

A gateway to the world

Suzan discovered the many accents and flavours of the French language during a trip in Benin. Her account proves that learning French is a gateway to a diversity of cultures.

The sky is the limit!

From French learner to future world leader!
Patrick’s story shows that learning a new language can help you shape bigger dreams.

Get on board with French 2.0

What if your French teacher could produce cool songs and have his own YouTube channel?
David is proving that French can be modern and fun!

Fulfilling your dreams

Irene dreamed of being free and exploring the world.
Today her success of her blending music is proving that her dream was the right one.

Reasons to learn French


A tool for your studies in France (in French universities, but you can also start from Ecole Française des Grands ...


French is the language of culture, lingua franca for art , fashion, gastronomy, literature, music, poetry… It’s also the language ...


A beautiful language, with many famous words (ohlàlà, voilà and baguette for example). And many French words are also found ...


One of the languages that counts for various international institutions (UN, IOC, WHO, AU…)


An open door to development opportunities for companies as for professionals, with many French companies installed in Uganda (Total, Sogea, ...


French is one of the most spread languages in the world, present all over the 5 continents, the official language ...


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