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DOCUMENTARY & DISCUSSION "Spotlight on the Pearl"


CONFERENCE Idi Amin’s regime was based on an existing unequal social fabric he took advantages of that was then marked by a progressive infiltration of militarism from 1971 to 1979. This conference/panel aim to shed light and create and panorama of the ruler and ruled, men and women, but also elite and ordinary, dominant and marginalised under Idi Amin’s regime BWANA JOGOO (The ballad of Jessy Gitta) At the centre of the documentary ‘Bwana Jogoo: The Ballad of Jessy Gitta’ is a love triangle between the 1970s Cranes band bass player Jessy Gitta Kasirivu, President Idi Amin Dada and Sarah ‘Suicide’ Kyolaba, a then 17 year old go-go dancer. Jessy Gitta is Sarah’s lover when Amin also starts dating her, with dire consequences for Jessy.

Event Details

  • Date: 19 Sept - 19 Sept
  • Time: 6h30PM - 9PM
  • Venue:
    AFK Rooftop
  • Entrance Fee: